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    Bump signed his NLI, assuming part of the draw to Vermont is that he will be there in the fall

    Are there ways to get out of that these days?

    The way I understand it, the school has to try to delay you or you have to ask for a release from the NLI.

    Ok so he could be like I wanna go to Minnesota I want out and that’s totally allowed


    What happens if I change my mind about attending the institution with which I signed and I want to attend another NLI institution instead?

    -The NLI basic penalty is that you lose one year of competition in all sports and must serve one year in residence at your next NLI institution.

    Is a complete release from the NLI basic penalty the same as the NCAA One-Time Transfer Exception?

    -No. The NLI complete release and the NCAA One-Time Transfer Exception are two different policies. The fact that a student is eligible for the NCAA One-Time Transfer Exception does not mean a student-athlete has received a complete release pursuant to the NLI program, nor does being granted the NCAA One-Time Transfer Exception eliminate the penalty provisions of the NLI.