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Davey J.Davey J.

    Bonin21 wrote:

    Davey J. wrote:

    If Hensler continues on his current trajectory, he may never play college hockey.

    Conrad Fondrk is an ‘07 to keep in mind…although I don’t know if he plans to play college hockey. He has the best hands I’ve ever seen!


    Two things. If you’re saying Hensler might be good enough to go straight to the show I’d say pump the brakes. Not even Eichel did that.

    As far as the other kid, why in the world did he head out to Rhode Island?

    I’m not saying Hensler will go straight to the bigs, but I haven’t heard anything about his future leanings. He’s crazy good though! I know a ton but of people from Woodbury with kids the same age so I can do some digging…

    As for Fondrk…let’s just say his dad has always looked for the best deal when it comes to what teams and tournaments he played… He’s an incredible player with poisee, vision, and (like I said) the best hands I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen him play 50 games or more. It’s like he is playing with a different clock than everyone else!