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Logan Hensler from Hill-Murray seems like he is going to be a premier recruit, though he is a ways off from being able to commit anywhere as a freshman.

I’ve caught two or three HM games this season and have come away impressed with Hensler each time. He looked more like an upperclassmen to me with how patient he was with the puck in the d-zone with really strong reads and overall just has a very simple but effective play style. Another obvious plus is his size/build, where as a freshmen he doesn’t need to grow at all in the next four years and will be fine at the next level size-wise.

The HS hockey podcast mentioned Hensler awhile back and Tony Scott said he could tell you where Hensler will go to school today. He obviously grew up a huge fan of some school, my guess would be MN or WI.

It’s another Big 10 school that brings in a lot of talent that he’ll end up at.