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    Cardinal wrote:

    For the last decade under Lucia the Gophers got almost every early commit possible, and where did it get them?

    Right with you Cardinal Country Clomp… I think the key for Motzko is clearly finding the balance between landing the fancy Cadillacs and slightly used F-150s. This year’s incoming class has the fancy young 18-year-old players like Lucius, Knies and Broz. It’s also got a player who has patiently developed in Pitlick and someone who has had to battle a lot of adversity to get back to playing at a high level in Huglen. Boyton is the perfect type of goalie recruit as the top uncommitted 20-year-old USHL goalie to sign midyear.

    As impressive as Michigan’s freshman and sophomore class is for this season, they are still going to be a roster dominated by younger players and that has rarely worked out to NCAA Titles. Now it’s a lot of fun to watch, but if someone can find the last team to have a roster like that and win it all… please let me know.

    I was kind of doing a brief look at the Gophers roster this year to see how their average age compares to past rosters and their defensemen are still so young compared to the rest of college hockey, but at least they’re experienced. Their top D Johnson, LaCombe, Koster. Faber. Staudacher and Brinkman are still just going to be an average age of 20.5 years-old when puck drops in October. Keep in mind the oldest college hockey rosters are usually like 22-yr-olds and the youngest average are 20-yr-olds at the start of the season.

    The forwards look like they going to be an average of around 21-year-olds in October — so things are getting a little more mature there.