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maroon_and_gold wrote:

I don’t think we need a lot of “top end recruits” that’s how we end up like BU and Michigan who have done absolutely nothing in terms of postseason success with those high end nhl draft picks. 1 or 2 per recruiting class is fine but in my opinion you don’t want a class of just first rounders that dip after a year.

Cuz the tournament is a crapshoot does not make their strategy a bad one. Michigan is putting together what I believe will be the roster with the most first round picks ever. And reloading the year after that. At some point one of those teams will win four in a row. I expect them to win at least two of the next five regular season championships. I expect the Gophers to win at least one. And the other two could be those two teams or someone else.

Also, we have yet to see if ANY of the Michigan guys dip after just one year.