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IMO top targets for class of 2023 (committing starting 8/1). 1 being a target for every team in the country, and the rest having MN ties.

1. Adam Fantilli (May be eligible to commit now as a Canadian 11th grader. Brother going to, you guessed it, UM.)

2. Gracyn Sawchyn

3. Charlie Stramel

4a. Jimmy Clark

4b. Jayson Shaugabay

I thought you wanted all MN?

Yes, but I’ve said many times non-Minnesotans are accepted if they are potential stars like Vanek/Kessel/Haula/Ranta. Top 3 round picks or point per game players in college. We don’t need non Minnesotan third string goalies and fourth liners.

But you can’t then be surprised if Michigan is getting a bunch of top recruits. They are the ones out there recruiting everywhere outside of MN.

You even said Adam Fantilli has a brother at Michigan, and that may also draw him to Michigan. Not only does his brother play there, but he and his family are already familiar with the program and the coaching staff. If MN passes on the brother, because he isn’t a potential star (I don’t know if he is or not) then we also hurt our chances with Adam.

Your just less likely to get star recruits from elsewhere if you’re not out recruiting like Michigan.

I am not saying I disagree with you either. But I am not obsessed with Michigan commits