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    Cardinal wrote:

    Jaykay3 wrote:

    Gophers must be looking for another goalie with LaFontaine done after this year. They’ll need someone who can spell Moe or challenge him for the spot next year and Pichora is years away. I wonder if they’re looking at Charlie Glockner or Brennan Boynton?

    I would assume a transfer of some kind, like what UW did last year with Beydoun or something tied to the rule changes around this season due to Covid, could be the route they go. They should be very good next season, doubt Bob is going to want the goaltending to come down to Moe and a freshman that committed months before hitting campus. Given Moe’s lack of playing time and poor numbers so far this season, I could honestly see him moving on after this season and next year the trio being a freshman, senior transfer and Close.

    Don’t disagree at all. I do agree though that having someone on roster to push Moe and compete for the starting position would be good thing though.