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    Hammy wrote:

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    trixR4kids wrote:

    These guys have short careers and probably should just take as much guaranteed money as they can get, I don’t think it’s a bad decision by any means.

    At $5M per year, they will make more money in 2 seasons than normal people make in their entire working career. I don’t think he has to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

    You mean he’s not going to be on skid row if he made $25 million a year versus the $30 million a year he’s getting from the Dolphins? :mrgreen:

    Unless the guy is a complete moron with money, he was easily set for life either way.

    Yeah but we’re talking about Tyreek Hill, that’s kinda the point here :lol:

    And honestly 5 million a year is nothing to scoff at especially if you get to live in Miami over Kansas City.