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trixR4kids wrote:

I mean I’d be fine just arguing about the logic of a decision made in an NFL game but someone felt the need to start with the personal attacks ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The way Mahomes was rolling that first half it makes perfect sense to go for it and put the game out of reach. I don’t think most people would’ve predicted that he’d play a second half reminiscent of last years super bowl. Only comparison I can think of would be some of Favre’s performances later in his career.

Of course it made sense to go for it. There was 5 seconds left for one more quick throw into the end zone. The mistake was running a longer burning play to a player outside the end zone. Really dumb when you have an easy 3 to pad the lead.

Mahomes almost cost his team a chance to tie it in regulation as well. He got sacked with 3 seconds left on the clock. One more little juke before the sack and the game is over. I mean, he ran around like there was a minute left in the game.