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The Rube wrote:

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Greyeagle wrote:

As a neutral (but leaning Bills) fan that was one hell of a game.

Gut wrenching for those on the wrong end. 😞

I’ve lived through all 4 of the Vikings’ Super Bowl losses, but 2009 and New Orleans was the worst for me. I was so positive they were going to the Super Bowl, right up until that field goal went through the uprights. I was totally wiped after that one and sincerely felt ill from lack of sleep for a couple days. My condolences to The Rube. It’s like “Uggghhhhhhhh…” :ddown:

It was setup perfectly this year for the Bills’ Vengeance Tour 2022:

NE: obvious reasons

KC: last year’s AFC Title game

TN (Memphis Miracle) or CIN (1988 AFC Championship)

And then possibly beating Brady in the SB.

That would have been a dream come true…

It would be fun for NE to keep improving with Mac/BillyB and have a real battle year in year out for the AFC East. Kind of like what we saw in the AFC North with Steelers, Ravens, and to a lesser extent Cincy in the last decade or in the NFC West. Those Bills with Allen are super fun to watch.