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It really sucks that such a great game basically got decided in the end by the OT coin toss.

I was at the game in New Orleans when the Saints beat the Vikings in OT of the NFC Championship Game (the game that the Saints Bounty gate revolved around). The Saints winning the OT coin toss and wining with a first possession FG caused the NFL to change the rule to a first possession TD. Still a horrible rule. It burned the Vikings, the Falcons and now the Bills.

If KC kicks a FG BUF still gets a possession. KC running 2 plays from their own 25 with 13 seconds left and somehow getting into FG range was the major Buffalo fail, not whether they squibed it or not. All the second guessing gets ridiculous.

If KC fields a kick that has touched the ground, the clock runs & KC has 10 seconds rather than 13. Just saying kicking it out of the end zone made no sense when KC had 3 timeouts

If they pick up the ball and kneel it immediately no time runs off the clock. And they’d likely be getting better field position on a squib kick than a touchback.

Plus they run the risk of the ball taking a weird bounce and going out of bounds and giving up 15 more yards.

IIRC the Vikings lost a key game doing the squib kick instead of kicking it deep a couple years ago and Zimmer raged about how he told the special teams to kick it out of the endzone. Special teams coordinator decided to squib it and the other team went down and scored because they only had to go about 30 yards.

When it came to special teams…if Zimmer raged against it…then it had to be the correct play…lmao…but what you are referring to …..on a short field following a 15 yard penalty, I recall the Viking kicker trying to pouch it, but instead kicking it into the end zone 😂

It was this year against Arizona right before half that I was thinking of. The Vikings had just scored before half to take a 23-21 lead. We squib kicked it, Arizona picked it up and got it out to the 35, ran two plays for 20 yards and kicked a long FG as time expired. Instead of a 2 point lead at half we were down by one en route to losing by one.