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I have heard a lot of people say in the last fews years that they were done with the NFL. Well, they missed a heck of a weekend of football. The NFL Gods even saved the best game for the last game last night. What a great game. Held my interest through the game, and the with reaction of people on social media, it did the same for them. Just a couple of thoughts. The KC play late in the game when Andy Reid tried to outsmart himself using the backup TE trying to run the option was stupid. This is not a game in October, and Mahomes needs to be the guy touching the ball there. On Buffalo side you can question the kickoff but the bottom line the best defense in the league gave up a FG to tie the game and a TD in OT. If I was a Buffalo fan, I would have been fairly confident that they would have held them to a minimum FG and would have given Allen a chance to get the ball to win the game in OT. The Chiefs better watch out because Burrow and Chase will carve them up because the defensive backs on the Chiefs are sieves.