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CollegeHockeyAddict wrote:

My job involves designing projects for all modes of traffic. Pedestrian safety/access is a huge issue. Many cities in the world are not set up well at all for pedestrian/bikers and bad driver behavior makes it dangerous. As drivers we could make things sooooooooooo much safer if we slowed down. Yes you will get to your destination a few minutes later but everybody will likely to get to their destinations alive. Is it worth it to speed?

This is a general comment not specifically about the crash that caused Dwayne’s death (the specifies are unknown to me at this time).

I drive for work and the amount truly dumb crap I see people pull just to stay on whichever lane they think is moving faster is crazy. That and obvious inattention are major issues. I’ve seen people whip across 3 lanes of heavy traffic to make an exit in the downtown St.Paul 35E/94 commons. What’s the rush? I basically drive 3-5 MPH over the speed limit everywhere I go, no need to go any faster, I’ll get there soon enough.