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A good program will be very pleased with Sorenson as a bottom 6 guy. If he goes to a lower tier program, he’s going to surprise a lot of people and put up good point totals because he works so hard.

Lots of energy, good speed, and…and…and…sorry, that’s it.

I was pulling for the kid, though.

During intermissions at the frozen four, they featured bits they filmed with the players, showing some from each of the teams that were currently playing. One was the guys singing along with a song. I can’t remember the song, but Walker was the best singing wise, and Sorensen was the most animated and clearly hamming it up. Seems like a character. Not sure if those exist anywhere in the social media universe but they were entertaining.

Bummed to see Sorensen leave. Kinda surprised about Brinkman too.

Brinkman was a senior? What’s there to be surprised about. We’ve shown we don’t really offer the whole 5 year option, with Laffer as an exception (if the Richter says he wants to come back you let him come back).