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    Take this for what it’s worth but a friend of a friend says Meyers will announce the decision tomorrow. Also Boynton is apparently staying put. If that’s true, we’re running back the same group of goalies.

    Glad there’s not much to the Boynton drama. He’s a good goalie we could definitely use him.

    Will be interesting to see what Bob does in net. Just let Close run with it? or switch off Close one night Boynt/Bart the other.

    I hope Boynton gets to play. He’s one of the biggest cheerleaders on the team. His excitement after the UMass OT winner was notable. I like Close and I like the feel good story, but if he’s that good and was a walk-on from Canada then a whole lot of people really messed up their goalie recruiting.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed. He always looked like an interested and engaged player the entire year. Always engaged in the bench and like a kid during celebrations. Would love nothing more than for him to be a contributing member of the goalie rotation.