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Bertogliat wrote:

Cowgirl wrote:

Got the fan shop jerseys today. Meh. I have three other K1 jerseys – all the same size and they all fit differently granted one was from VMH so I think one of their higher quality lines. This one has longer sleeves than my other generic K1 Gopher jersey (which I like cause I have long arms) but is just slightly shorter and narrower so I wouldn’t be able to put much other than a thin pullover under it. Of course they aren’t on sale anymore so I can’t try a size up without forking out another $125 (and scheels is out of mediums).

I think my biggest beef is the patches. They are not stitched on and they are so big and stiff (ha ha) they sit really funny as they are wider than my arms.

I’ll probably hang on to it in the event I can’t get my hands on one from vmh and besides one can really never have too many Gopher hockey jerseys!

(This one makes 17 for me now I think). :)

17? You have a problem.

Overall, I think I have just over 60 jerseys (various teams, the leaders are Bills with 5, and Bucs with 3). About 40 FB, 20 hockey, 2 baseball, and one Irish rugby (as in a team in Ireland).