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Cowgirl wrote:

I ordered some stuff from the Gopher shop (Fanatics) during the Black Friday sale. Very disappointed. The Nike shirt was red and yellow (with a gold M that was a very different color from the sleeve detail). I also got a pullover and sweatshirt (both Coliseum brand) and they were super thin and the logos were flimsy embossed and will surely fall apart after a wash or two.

Can’t say I am thrilled that Fanatics will be what is sold in the arena stores. Why is the U of MN so cheap when it comes to sports apparel? So many other schools put us to shame in that department in terms of the volume and quality of apparel. Hell, Wisconsin has its own badger under Armour store on state street! The U won’t sell authentic jerseys and can’t seem to figure out what maroon and gold is.

Same here. Bought a nice polo shirt. The M is ironed on and not embroidered. That won’t last.