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Slap Shot wrote:

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Slap Shot wrote:

I forgot about Super Chexx bubble hockey. Before my friends and I could drive we’d take our mopeds to Ridgedale and hit up Orange Droolius, Taco Bell, Musicland, Spencer Gifts and Picadilly Circus and Super Chexx dominated our time in the arcade.

One house in Kato I lived in for 2 years (named The Judges Chamber – all party houses had names back then) had a pool table, 3 bars, a kegerator and CO2 line to the basement for an additional tap, as well as speaker wires from my bedroom to the basement so the music we played was the same upstairs and down. One party with 8 kegs and 2-shots for $1 was enough to pay for our rent each month. :mrgreen:

I can smell it now. Gross. I can’t even imagine the cleanup.

Did you ever have a party without cleaning up puke?

Sure. We controlled crowd size by selling tickets in advance to only 150 people at $5 each – 60 guy tickets and 90 girl tickets. For shots we’d buy just a few 1.75’s of crap like root beer schnapps. Nothing too hard core such as tequila or jack.

We laid cardboard down in the kitchen and main living space and moved out all furniture excpet for some chairs. We had a 3-season porch as well that again we had nothing in it to break or ruin. The party space in the basement was cement walls and cement floors. Upstairs was off limits because you needed a key to access the stairwell, and both bedrooms on the main floor were also locked.

Now these were parties so stuff happens but nothing that outrageous.

Many parties at tUMD were in the basements of houses, which were unfinished and simple concrete floors. Next day, out comes the garden hose to wash it wall away down the drain.