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Zwak wrote:

Anyone have any quirky personality traits/habits? For example, whether it is my home thermostat or the thermostat in my car, they have to be set at an even number temperature. Never odd!

I’m a “counter”; not Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man”, but just in my head. Numbers of stairs in my house, place of work, etc are a recurring thing. When I worked for Imation at our Oakdale headquarters I could tell you all the various stairwells between floors in the entire complex. I also can “see” lyrics and sentences and can pick out groups of “fives” (five words) at a time and just hear them that way. Is it possible to be a tiny bit autistic?

I have to have an even number of M&M’s out in a bowl before I start heading them. I also have to eat them two at a time.

I in no way have an “Eidetic Memory” (I wish), but I can recall incredible details on huge amounts of past experiences. I ran into an ex-girlfriend years ago who was with her daughter and kind of got onto that subject; her daughter looked a bit dubious. I proceeded to answer a number of questions on things that had happened 35 years before that one would have no business remembering. Hey, it’s gift…I guess. :lol:

As for the Mayo deal, I too grew up with Miracle Whip and never experienced real mayo until I got married.