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-Cold pizza is the most overrated foodstuff on the planet. Instead microwave for 20 seconds and toss in the toaster oven for a few minutes. It comes out warm without being nuked unevenly, and with just a bit of crisp so it’s not soggy. On top of that cold pizza just sucks. Hard.

-I cannot eat only one item at a time on a plate. I have to move from one item to another.

-If I order a dish in which there is a protein – say spaghetti and meatballs – I hardly touch the protein until the pasta/rice/broth is whittled down and then I can finish having most bites with some protein.

-My wife has a tendency to like what I order at a restaurant more than what she ordered very frequently but still refuses to let me order for her. This invariably leads to her asking to switch/share which annoys me to the core, but I have bitten my tongue for 23 years.