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Boy, I have been away to long and missed another one of Red’s questions.

Celebrity: Unfortunately the list is short. Very short.

1. Ran into Hank Azaria in Vegas many years ago. He seemed flustered walking through Hard Rock so I just said hi.

2. Met Dave Christian 2 summers ago at a Fargo Youth Hockey Golf tournament. Got to hold his gold medal and shoot the shit. Found out he comes to those things and people buy him lots of drinks.

3. Met Josh Duhamel twice a couple months ago. He was in town the weekend of the Fargo Squirt A International. Turns out his good buddies from HS, one coaches Fargo Davies basketball team and the other coaches Grand Forks Red River and they played each other in Fargo. Went to the bar near my house and by the time I had enough liquid courage (a lot of liquid) I went and asked him for a picture for my wife. He said “screw a picture, we are doing a video” and he grabbed my phone and we took a selfie video. Next morning I looked at it and the camera was facing the other way! Ran into him again at the semifinal game Fargo was playing in,

4. The one my son likes to tell people and doesn’t even involve me meeting anyone. There are 4 D1 hockey players who’s parents own cabins on our lake. 2 of them UND players and 2 Gophers. I have met the parents, but not the players. 2 of the players are in our old family cabin that we had from 1953-1997. 1 of them is in my Grandma’s cabin and the 3rd one’s stepmom was our neighbor in our previously mentioned cabin. My 11 year old always wants to cruise by their cabins which we do anyway because of the old memories, but he thinks we will just pull up and drink beer with them if we see them outside!