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Kelly Red wrote:

When I was working at the History Center we collected a bunch of Pearson’s stuff: various wrapper full sheets, advertising mock ups, just a mix of items. When the guy dropped them off he also brought a 10 pound salted nut roll as a gift! It was in a 9×13 pan and weighted in at the 10 lbs. A party sized Nut Roll. We put it in the break room and all day people stopped in and cut off a chunk, it’s amazing how MUCH candy a Nut Roll 10 lbs equals :shock:

When I was in college, at a hockey game, I won Nuttiest Fan of the game and they gave us a 5 lb. nut roll as a prize. We basically unwrapped it and then proceeded to throw it around the student section with people ripping and biting pieces off.

When I have been volunteer at a couple silent auctions for non-profits, Pearson’s donates a lot of them. I have a seen a 10 lb. and a 25 lb. nut roll.