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What’s the hardest question a kid has ever asked you! Ex: Is Santa real?

We had our 15 yr old nephew visiting us for a week at the cabin. We’re sitting around on the deck and out of the blue he asks “How old should you be before you have sex?” :shock: We were NOT Prepared for that! Remember this isn’t our kid! But my hubby stepped up to the plate and said, college. We briefly explained that HS was maybe too young, but that college was a good age. He just said “that sounds about right” and went back to looking at the lake.

If you’re not my real dad, what are you?

That has been the toughest question to date; that issue has since been resolved, but try explaining that to a 6 year old.

I’m sure I’ll be in that situation – explaining to my son that my wife isn’t his “birthmom” and we’re his adoptive parents.

Explaining anything like that to kids who don’t understand is tough. We have a blended family. My 13 & 11 year old are from my first wife. My almost 5 year old and 6 week old is from my current wife. My older kids have pretty much only know things this way. My 5 year old still doesn’t totally understand why her big brother and sister have to go to another house each week.

“It’s just as tough on Dad as it is you sweetie“ is all I tell her.