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1. I was born with Popliteal Pterrygium Syndrome (not impacted by all the associated maladies but a lot) which caused 18 surgeries before i turned 16.

2. At one point I had an oral surgery to remove a bunch of extra teeth – it required a power drill to break some down to be able to remove them without breaking others. I’m pretty sure my mom still has that bag of teeth somewhere 🤣 I went to baseball practice the same night and my mom flipped out at me (and my dad for allowing it).

3. My brother is employed by a reputable MLB team as a pitching coordinator, and turned down a Steinbrenner because he didn’t wanna be a Yankee 😁 He was cut by his HS baseball coach his senior year. Walked on at a D3 school, then transferred to a D2 national power an set a couple school records before pitching professionally for a season. Now he makes a living doing something he was told he wasn’t good enouh to do. For parents reading this: a lot of high school coaches, regardless of sport, are wrong. If your son or daughter is good, there are ways to get around a stupid HS coach.

4. I’m allergic to dogs and cats but have never lived in a house without at least one dog or one cat. Growing up we had 2 cats and 2 or 3dogs at all times. I can’t imagine living in a house without a dog at this point. My dog is a pittie mix that I got from a rescue and she’s definitely the coolest part about me.

5. I started working as a sales rep for a baseball/softball equipment and jersey company as a side gig a couple years ago and have had a lot of fun with it. If you’re ever looking for a new baseball or fastpitch bat or glove, send me a PM. I can usually beat any price from big box stores ;)

6. I’ve been practicing this social distancing/isolation for years. I’m pretty much a pro.

7. I’ve never traveled outside the US and do not own a passport.