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1) My first attempt at college at UMD was far less than stellar….but I had a lot of fun. Went back to college when in my mid 20s and was working full time and had a family

2) I started at 3M 30 years ago in June and my first 9 years at 3M I was a custodian. Tuition reimbursement was fantastic and is how I paid for my BS and MA degrees. Since I worked nights we never needed to use daycare – Tag-Team parenting!

3) I once had dinner with The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. Alan Hale, Jrs. and my great uncle (by marriage) were childhood friends

4) My grandpa played football for MN in ’45 and ’46 while he was in school on the GI bill. He tried out on a dare from a friend and ended up making the team at age 26 and I guess played quite a bit. He hurt his knee in ’46 and decided since he was in his mid 20s with a family it was time to move on

5) When we lived in MD we went to some restaurant not too far from Fredrick area. I was wearing my Vikings jacket. The woman who was our server said Vikings, I am a Vikings fan, too! Very strange in Colts country so when my dad asked why she said it’s because her nephew (if I recall correctly) played for the Vikings. Two weeks later I got Chuck Foreman autographed picture in the mail!

6) I have dual citizenship since I was able to “reclaim” Luxembourg citizenship in 2018 through my maternal grandmother’s family (and the hard work [mention]YoungEagle[/mention] did to gather the documents).