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fightclub30 wrote:

Anyone play Les Bolstand recently? @Vegoe ?

Course looks strange on googlemaps, possibly multiple fairways/tee boxes? Been probably , 6 years since I played there. I remember it being a tight course, but don’t remember some of what I am seeing on google maps. Made a tee time there for this coming weekend, as all my usual places are booked until 3pm.

For example, the hole I remember as #1 looks like a “Y” shape now with 2 different greens. there is another hole with a “Y” shape and it looks like maybe 2 different tee boxes, one straight and one a significant dog leg…

Also, are we still growing the game? It has been quite a task just to secure tee times this season.

I totally thought I responded to this one — thanks @Composer for coming to the rescue. I think the new routing is fine — kind of changes how the round starts with tough drive on the dogleg right No.1 to a green that doesn’t have the poa taking over the surface just yet. The fescue rough that can grow in on the far side of the fairway and the right side of the fairway make it tougher than it appears on the scorecard. I think No. 3 becomes interesting too as the dogleg left now requires you to hit a draw on use the hill to feed the ball down the fairway.

The course has really been maintained well this year despite the drought conditions at times and then some huge rainfall amounts at rare moments. I think the greens are in as good as shape as they’ve been the past twenty years. The superintendent really put the focus on getting some more sand into the clay around the greens and making sure that the greens get morning sun by removing trees.

The course is part of the Public Country Club circuit as a Tier II spot which I think has made getting tee times a little tougher. The course set a recent high for number of rounds played last year and I don’t think the interest has died down.