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The Rube wrote:

Beauner wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Beauner wrote:

What an absolutely spectacular performance for the USA squad. 6 rookies on the team and they all handled it exceptionally well.

DJ going 5-0-0 as the elder statesman was huge.

Stricker said he really saw the guys come together this week and really bond as much, or more, than any other team he’s been a part of. He said Brooks and Bryson had even floated the idea of pairing them together yesterday.

Dechambeau, IMO, gained a lot of fans for the way he handled this weekend. It was fun to watch him interact with the fans and really feeding off the crowd, and the crowd loving every minute of it. I know Phil Mickelson was walking with Dechambeau’s groups quite a bit this weekend and I’d imagine he played a part in the attitude that Dechambeau showed this weekend too.

Phenomenal performance by basically every single player on the USA team this weekend.

Phil: Hey, I was considered an a-hole for a LONG time. Here’s what I learned.

Dechambeau: I’m listening….

“A-hole” or not, a lot of the young players really seem to like Phil and he’s been a fan favorite for as long as I’ve watched golf.

His nickname used to be “FIGJAM.”

F I’m good, just ask me.

He has changed over the years, for the MUCH better.

I’m well aware of the nickname he had on tour when he first started 😉 he’s the reason I got hooked on golf.

He was a young hotshot on the tour when he first joined and rubbed some of the elder statesmen the wrong way by being who he is.