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Slap Shot wrote:

Goli had 22 points in 56 games last season, has been mostly healthy since 2013-14 and averages around 23 TOI. Suter had 19 points in 56 games with roughly similar games played since 2014 and had 22 TOI last season – by far his lowest in more than a decade. Seems like a wash there and if Goli is a better locker room guy? Obviously speculation on my part.

True, but year over year Goli averages about 24-32 points while Suter is in the 47-50 points range.

Last season, Suter had fewer PPG, so maybe he hit a wall….but still similar to Goli.

Maybe this is an agreement for Goligoski to get paid up front with contract extensions for less money next year. But that sounds like something that wouldn’t be allowed.