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fightclub30 wrote:

streakygopher wrote:

It’s no wonder the players fight. They have to, because the refs don’t have the guts to call a penalty that would help control the game.

The Referees, by and large, call the game how the League instructs them to. If the league had a problem with how the games were being called, they would make a change, either by sending out memos or altering officials assignments. If the league didn’t like the officials, they would find replacements. There have been several “up and coming” officials recently who worked all of 8-10 games and didn’t last. And the NHL continues to use the same guys they’ve been using for 15 years.

Yes calls are missed, but the stuff that is consistently missed (IE Crosschecking anywhere in the vicinity of the net) is something that the league is just flat out not interested in having called. It has nothing to do if the officials “have the guts” to make the call, its closer to a question of – am I risking my employment by making a call here?

If people don’t like the way the game is being called, they need to vote with their eyes and their wallets. As long as people continue to tune in and buy tickets, merchandise, etc. Nothing will change. (Unless there is a significant injury to a star player(s)).

Yes it happened to Kaprizov, but it happens to a lot of guys and it is just ignored. While Crosby and McDavid people consider them “whiners” they are also 2 of the most cheap-shotted guys in the league with late stuff, stick work all over the place, etc. Third and Fourth line knuckle draggers get more leeway to interfere with the leagues star players now than they did in 2005-2008 time range. I’d love to go back to that standard honestly and open up the game again. I don’t see it happening though. In the current NHL, Kaprizov is going to have to learn to “deal with it.” We have never had a star player on the team before, so I am betting a lot of Wild fans haven’t witnessed this stuff and aren’t used to it.

Sorry, not persuaded. The league is actually cracking down on cross checks this season. It’s been a point of emphasis.

Calling one after a goal is scored would be a pat on the back in that context, not a pink slip.