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fightclub30 wrote:

Vegoe wrote:

I think the biggest takeaway from this deal is that Sturm wasn’t going to sign a discount deal for next year. Jost is at least under contract for $2M next year and then an an RFA. Probably can assume Sturm was looking for more than $2M next year as a UFA.



I don’t understand this trade at all, or really… much of anything Guerin has done recently.

You trade a pending UFA, who has done reasonably well in his role, for an under-performing guy who is signed for more money next season, HOPING that he improves and at least delivers the value of his contract. This seems like a Minnesota Twins move… I get you were probably going to lose him for nothing, so instead you get an under performing forward? Oh goody…

Why extend Jon Merril in the middle of the season? Are you really worried about losing him in FA? What is he providing that cannot be replaced by a guy making closer to league minimum? Granted, the savings wouldn’t be that much, but every bit helps when you’ve got $12+M in dead cap hit.

We now have about $9M to sign 3 forwards, 2 D and a goalie. Clearly, as has been said several times, someone making money is going to leave – either by not resigning Fiala or trading Dumba. There really isn’t much money available to do anything about the goal tending situation, other than sign a different backup and hope they can outplay Talbot. I am guessing Addison slids in at one of the D spots next season for cheap ($795k), is he ion the 2nd pair and Kulikov and Merril are your 3rd pair and you sign an extra D for near league minimum? At Forward there is a pretty big hole to fill if Fiala leaves, one you aren’t filling with the money currently available.

My question is, do you trade Fiala now? Or lose him for nothing in the offseason? Or if you go the Dumba route, would the return for him be higher at the trade deadline? Or at the draft? My guess is deadline there, but I don’t know.

Fiala is an RFA. He will likely be traded in the offseason