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J22 wrote:

gopherhockeyfan7 wrote:

Suter also had a full no move clause, and no desire to leave making all the trade speculation moot.

Even if you went to him and said we don’t want you anymore and he agreed to go, Vegoe’s point about the cost certainty applies. Cap recapture would’ve been worse.

Cap recapture would not have been worse. It would have been almost exactly what they are paying now, minus the 4 years of $900K at the end

I think the issue was that the Wild wouldn’t know when those penalties would happen with the uncertainty of when Suter/Parise would retire. With the buyout BG knows when the high $$ years are and can plan accordingly. With cap recapture the $$ number increases every year they don’t retire so it would be hard to plan your salary cap with that unknown. If I understand cap recapture correctly.