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Suter’s contract in Dallas- 4 years $3.6M cap hit with $14.6M being paid in actual dollars.

Suter’s contract if Guerin traded him at 50% retention- 4 years $3.7M cap hit with $5M being paid in actual dollars.

And you were in the room and know that was possible?

What room would I have to be in to prove that I have a basic understanding of the NHL CBA?

The part of the room where there needs to someone else on the other side of a trade? Maybe like others I’m just not getting it.

If you’re the Dallas GM, which one of those contracts would you rather pay for?

I won’t dismiss your idea like others. I don’t have blind faith in Guerin.

But I also acknowledge there are scenarios Dallas passed on a trade only to take on this contract after the fact.

Consider Dallas had eyes on another free agent defenseman and settled on Suter after Plan A fell apart. They may not have thought much of the trade possibility at the time it was offered.

That’s not what happened though. There were a handful of teams that went hard after Suter when he went UFA. He was also already signed before the actual free agency started, so he certainly wasn’t a plan B.

This is also getting pretty far from my point, which was to say that Trading Suter was absolutely possible.