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J22 wrote:

bearpaw28 wrote:

Cost Accounting 101”past costs are irrelevant to future decisions making”. Crying to high heaven about what us rubes (that includes you too J22) think BG should have done…is everyone’s prerogative . You either like BG and the direction the Wild are going or you don’t…but it doesn’t change the decision BG & Craig L. made, it’s final & the Wild will live with it. I’m delighted watching the way the team is playing this season, they are FUN to watch. And while 2nd guessing is fun & edgy, its irrelevant regarding the teams future. ☝️

You must not have gotten to the part of “Cost accounting 101” where they teach you that future costs do in fact have an effect on your future budget.

lol…it’s truly SAD Billy Guerin doesn’t have you on his staff to evaluate all his decisions & correct all his mistakes…since evidently you think you know better than him. :roll: :lol: