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streakygopher wrote:

I would agree they have had some breaks, but good teams seem to get more breaks.

The playoffs are a different animal. This team has never really shown that they can raise the wick come playoff time. I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice for the fans to see them make a run.

One concern I have is that they’re riding Talbot too hard. He’s like the lathered horse crossing the desert at a furious pace. He’ll be worn out by playoff time if they can’t get him more games on the bench.

He is on pace to play 63 games… Not exactly earth shattering pace. He has had a lot of rest recently, probably too much I would guess. When we have to start piling games on top of each other later to make up PPD games. Then they will probably have to lean on Khakonen a bit. But I don’t think being over-worked should be a concern for Talbot right now.