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There’s no denying that this team is different since Suter and Parise were ushered out.

Whatever the cause or whether it comes down to those two players on or off the ice I wouldn’t have any idea, but the product on the ice has changed.

How so? The way they are playing is almost to a T how they played last year. PP is struggling coming in at 17-18% both seasons. Pretty solid goaltending, get solid output from 3rd and 4th line and they have holes in their top 6.

Biggest change in their play came when Boudreau was shown the door.

They’re first in their division, they are winning games coming from behind and so far have gone to the SO only once. The intangibles must have immensely improved then if you’re not otherwise impressed.

Wasn’t posting about being impressed or not. Pointing out this team is playing similar to how they have played post Boudreau more than anything.

They have the same coach as last season. Did they regularly come from behind, avoid shootouts or lead their division last year?

Now they haven’t been fully tested yet schedule wise, but the results have been better this year so if “the stats” are not much different than the intangibles must be. Parise and Suter were anchors and the team is better off without them.

I don’t get where you are going with the shutout stat and what that proves? I have no idea how many shootouts they were I the first 12 games last year.

I do know their overtime results vastly started improving last year from years previous struggles.

They are avoiding shootouts and therefore with an 9-3 means they’re winning games in regulation or 3×3 in OT. This is what you want. Also again this team has notoriously been bad when playing from behind in the past. I noted their schedule hasn’t been that tough and no one expects them to earn 123 points. But even with the weaker schedule this team has also had troubles in the past putting away weaker opponents. If you aren’t seeing the progress que sera sera.