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Vegoe wrote:

Shooter wrote:

A lot of petty tough love comments here on KK. Tkachuk, Hughes, and Pettersson are comparable RFA’s that also remain unsigned.

Keep in mind you only have limited insight to Bill Guerin’s side of the negotiation, via Mike Russo. There are 2 sides to a negotiation, and KK’s agent and KK himself have not said anything, so we really don’t know the whole story. It’s easy to assume based on the current optics of the situation, but we don’t have all the facts.

Be patient and let the process play out. If they get him in one of those hideous Wild sweaters before the games count, that’s all that really matters.

I know we’re getting the one sided Russo reporting on this… but are those guys being offered $9M/year?

What makes this so frustrating is that $9mil for 5 years is a very reasonable offer. KK is awesome, threw 55 games. BG will stand firm on a 4-5 year deal, he won’t fold & that’s why it’s taking so long. In the end, they’ll get him signed fairly soon.