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Bertogliat wrote:

Kaprisov talk starts at 21.5 min. Basically say he has turned down 5 years at 9M per. And it sounds like they’re setting fans up for disappointment.

My take- He doesn’t want to play in MN at all. This is everything about getting out of MN ASAP. He will likely sign a 3 year to 4 year deal. Don’t hold your breath on 4 and look for the Wild to trade.

Do not get invested in this guy.

I agree with your assessment. He wants to get out of Minnesota and onto “the big stage”. He’ll be gone sooner than later.

I don’t begrudge athletes making every dollar they can, in the least. Get as much as you can, preferably playing where YOU want to play. However, given that reality, I don’t carry much of an emotional tie to the pro sports franchises in town any longer. I’m pleased when they do well, but not much beyond that. Most certainly for me, the entire Sinclair/Bally fiasco has played a huge part in that. Tough to get invested (for me anyway), when my window into the games is a box score, story in the Athletic and YouTube highlights.