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I would say the salary cap hit is somewhat mitigated by dropping the headache and the cap is going to go up next season. There will be room to maneuver.

Where are you getting your intel that the cap is going up next season? I have seen no evidence supporting that statement.

Logic. But from a less speculative perspective (and admittedly not locked in stone)



Not a big move to be sure, but if attendance is strong this season compared to the last season I would not be surprised to see that bump up even more.

The players owe the owners 1 billion in escrow payments. Looking at a max cap increase of 1 mil per year until that is paid off, and it’s going to take several years.


I rarely advocate on behalf of players but they don’t owe the owners a penny. Attendance and revenues will rebound and the cap will without question go up more than 1 million if not next season the season after. Book it.

I appreciate the optimism, but you’re clearly not reading the article. The players owe the owners a billion dollars in escrow payments.