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IMO KK wants the shortest term possible for the most amount of money so he can get the hell off this team as soon as possible. He got his taste of the NHL last season but he wants to be a primetime player on a primetime team, which is not the Minnesota Wild. I believe that is why it took five years to get him here to the US, well that and Fletchers ineptitude.

Seconded. He can make millions anywhere. Winning championships is much more narrow spectrum.

I’m stealing Russo’s thoughts here but I think this is being agent driven, not KK driven.

It’s common sense driven. A 5 year $35M contract now followed by a Panarin level contract when he’s 29 years old totals $117M over 12 years. Signing Guerin’s offer now leaves him needing to sign a 4 year $53M deal at 32 years old to break even. And that doesn’t even take into account locking himself into the same team for the next 8 years.

He put himself in this position by playing extra seasons in the KHL rather than coming to MN.