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Karlsson wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

imho neither Parise nor Suter offered any type of leadership and might have even been detrimental to the overall psyche in the locker room. I admit that is pure speculation.

This is addition by subtraction? When you consider Parise barely sniffed playoff time and Parise offers next to another against his contract? I trust that Guerin didn’t make these moves without having a plan and I’ll let that play out before assuming this will result in a negative net result.

Boudreau was on NHL network last night pretty much saying the two caused locker room drama. Could be sour grapes, but this sort of opinion seems to come from a lot of places. :confused2:

I know that Jim Souhan is hated as much as Reusse is around here, but he has some of the “issues” in his latest column.