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There is 1 person to blame here, and that is Mr Blue. To blame the victims here is off base in my opinion. The victims were coherent enough to buckle up. When I was a youngster, I went to many bars/parties and ended up at a party with my friends at a house of someone I didn’t know. It is not all that crazy of an idea. Mr Blue was impaired behind the wheel of the car, and HE IS TO BLAME.

I’m not blaming the victims. Those are all reasonable questions, and that information will surely come out at some point, as uncomfortable as that might be.

You might not like it, but Blue has the Constitutional right to mount a defense.

I’m going to tread carefully on this and then let it go… You are correct that he has the right to defend himself with legitimate questions. It make zero difference if they (the victims) were drunk, high, or whatever when the victims got into that car. That is not a reasonable question. That is trying to blame the victims. This was not a fight, or a road rage incident where there could have been blame on both parties. If he or his lawyers do that, I hope the families get every last dime of that POS money…

None of us know how Blue’s legal defense will go about representing their client. At this point it is a bit presumptuous on your part to say what is, or what isn’t a legitimate question on a public forum let alone in a court of law. Are you the arbiter of what is or isn’t a legitimate or reasonable question?

At this point how can you make the statement that it makes zero difference if the young men were drunk, high or whatever. If they were drunk, high or whatever, their judgement was impaired. Or they were not drunk, high or whatever. Regardless, their really bad choices lead directly to their death. You may choose to ignore that, but it is reality. They went to a stranger’s house, and voluntarily got into the car.

It’s astonishing that the two young men and none of their friends noticed how sh*t faced this guy was and prevented their friends from getting in that car with him.

I feel awful for all of the families involved.