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Crazy, that both wearing their seatbelts died, one at the scene and one later, but the driver, thrown from his vehicle and not wearing a seatbelt, survived.

So I’m having a hard time believing this information. ST just posted a booking photo of the driver. There is no way on gods green earth that man was “ejected” from the car. Physics are against that scenario.

1) very little facial injury. Ejection would have had him going through a windshield.

2) statements he was found 6-10 feet from the car. IF the speed was even HALF the reported 100mph he would have flown far more then 10 feet.

I think he was wearing a seatbelt and in the aftermath of the accident, got out of the car and stumbled away. An airbag saved him and not the other two.

I would guess many people are ejected out the side window and not the windshield. Did the car roll or hit head on?

I think Kelly is right. Watch the KSTP News report. It shows the path off the road that the car took straight into a grove of trees. The car didn’t roll.



The car was a 2017 Bentley Flying Spur. It is a 5509 lb tank. Horsepower is rated from 521 to 626. According to Car and Driver it can go from 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds and 0 to 100 in 10.5 seconds. “The car’s massive size—the wheelbase alone stretches more than 10 feet—and prodigious weight keep it from being much fun on a twisty road, but in curves the body stays heroically flat, making it feel more planted than expected.”

That Bentley is a top of the line luxury car. It has one of the safest interiors of any car on the road. Structurally sound. Multiple airbags throughout. That’s probably what saved the driver. The trees that the car hit on the right side probably killed the other two. Reports are they both sustained multiple blunt force injuries. Likely from the tree or trees coming down on them. Airbags couldn’t save them from what hit them from above.

If James Blue was ejected, as Kelly said, he would have been much further then 6-10 feet away. He would have been gravely injured and would have looked like hamburger. The picture of Blue in the Star/Tribune today showed a guy that looked as though he wasn’t injured at all. A few scrapes on his face. It doesn’t even look like he’s been in a bar fight let alone having just survived a high speed car crash. His facial injuries look more like the kind of abrasions you would get from a air bag slamming into his face. There is most likely a lot of his dna on the drivers side air bag which would dispel the story that he was ejected.


I think Kelly is spot on, he survived the crash. Saved by driver side airbags. Got out of the car and was found 6-10 feet from the car. He may have passed out, may have been in shock. I think it’s an absolute impossibility that he was ejected from the car. That will all come out eventually.