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Not that it matters, but if witnesses see a car speed by, how do they know it was going in excess of 100?

They don’t; it’s a guess. But it doesn’t really matter because with the forensics they’ll do, they’ll be able recreate the circumstances of the crash with a lot of specificity.

Totally agree. Also from the article:

“Because of Blue’s injuries, officers were unable to conduct field sobriety tests at the crash scene. A warrant was issued to collect a blood sample from his room at North Memorial around 1 a.m. Sunday.”

There are lawyers that specialize in this. The families of the injured and deceased are likely getting inundated right now with requests.

Hey now! I resemble this remark!

I trust that Bob and his family have no shortage of resources on which to draw from in a situation like this. I will just mourn the situation.