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We don’t care if you don’t like it.

We seriously couldn’t possibly care less…

I do like metal. I listen to 93X quite a bit. I just don’t like the bits with excessive unintelligible screaming that ruptures my eardrums.

Never visit Hammerheart brewing. ;)

Classical (minus a few select pieces) and country after 1985 or so (minus a few select pieces) are about the only things I can’t stand.

Been there. But I dislike smoky beer. Can’t recall the music selection at the time however.

And good. More fodder for the DT musicbox!

You will love their chocolate stout that is coming out within the week. My God it’s amazing. But their music is either RAWR or folk. Never know which until you get there.

Hello….you know me. When have I ever drank a stout! :lol:

I never thought in a million years you’d like the Mango Magnifico, yet you are in search of more. ;)

I like lighter, fruity beers. Usually they are wheat, saison, or sours. Love stuff with pepper. There is a pepper cider in Tampa I would kill to ship up here, but alas they wouldn’t growler it for whatever reason. Stouts, porters, and pretty much anything that tastes hoppy is a no go for me.
Guess I didn’t realize the magnifico was classified as a stout, but then again I’m not very knowledgeable about beer. Much to the dismay of the homebrewer in the house.