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I was thinking more than MN. Mpls/St Paul, more accepted, but not saying much. The coasts, esp CA? Way more accepted.

Ok, I guess I didn’t read your original post that way – and I am not going to pretend I am not biased considering I live about 2.1 miles from the house he grew up in. His parents sold the house to my aunt and uncle and there are some pretty close connections. I grew up with autographed pictures of him laying around in my grandma’s basement and saw boxes of his stuff that was left behind. My cousin’s bedroom had RZ carved into the wood on the wall. My family has a great appreciation for him but nobody would pretend he wasn’t different. Heck, if he walked into a room of people in 2016 and they didn’t know him, most would say the same. The point I am trying to make is he would have likely had a similar experience growing up anywhere in MN at the time, it just happened to be on the Iron Range. Maybe Minneapolis would have been a better fit but I doubt even St Paul would have been much better in the 40’s and 50’s for someone as eccentric as Dylan.


That is hilarious. He got the same reaction 60 years ago on the stage at HHS. See Rube, even LA thinks he is nuts. :lol:

But yes, he has softened some. I know he was back here not to long ago checking out the town with family. It is too bad it wasn’t different for him growing up but that is what made him who he is.