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IMO, the thing with Dylan was he was one of the big faces of an entire movement (yeah, they were hippies and all, but a movement nonetheless) along with all the great music he did. The outrage when he went electric was deafening. Prince was just an amazing musician.

I think it’s a factor in the discussion that Prince claimed Minnesota far more actively than Dylan … I feel like singing “Let’s Go Crazy” in the streets last night was just as much a celebration of Minneapolis music as it was the life of Prince. I don’t think I would get that same experience from Dylan. So many stories coming out of him going music shopping at the Fetus, or attending a show at the Dakota in his final week … the guy seems genuinely proud of the local music scene.

Exactly. Dylan is just some guy born here, Prince was MN. He was truly one of us.

I won’t even begin to claim that Dylan was proud of his MN roots. I know better (and given where he grew up, I don’t blame him*).

*My dad grew up near Dylan, and Dylan actually asked my aunt out on a date in HS. She said no. Why? “He was…off. Kinda weird.”

I don’t blame Robert Zimmerman either, but the rest of your post is garbage. Where he grew up had little to do with it. Dylan would have likely been received similarly regardless of where he grew up – with few exceptions. If you think he would have fit in that much better in most places at the time I think you are kidding yourself, and I am not going to pretend the Range doesn’t have its issues.

I think if he grew up in a bigger city, things might have been a little different. From all accounts, personal and public, that area is very….judgmental and backwards. My dad has even said he’d never go back there, and hates that area. Having been in that area a few times…yeah…not a good area to be any kind of different.

Like I said, given the timeframe we are talking about, he wouldn’t have fit in well hardly anywhere. He was very “different” as many artists are and many are not appreciated at the time. Maybe he would have fit in better in a big city, but that is such a small percentage of the state. The point is, with maybe an exception or two, he could have been born in any town in Mn and likely had the same experience.