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That is absolutely incredible.

I know you have mentioned you weren’t that into him/80s music….but the dude is a musical genius, influenced countless other acts, paved the way for artists to own their own music, and of course, one of us.

Dylan is the only other musician that I think could have this impact upon his passing (for Minnesotans). Yes, that huge.

IMO, Prince is bigger than Dylan. I know some will disagree, but I think the impact of Prince’s death is larger than Dylan’s will be. Because Prince embraced his Minnesota-ness, Dylan doesn’t give that vibe, from what I can tell.

I think this is probably true. Everything I’ve read over the past day seems to show that while he was rightfully smug in his superiority, he was also a pretty damn good person. I love that he also promoted small, local business like Fetus.

But the stories that have come out are awesome. I liked this one from Gawker/Jezebel:

I insulted him to his face at a concert. Really small venue event for charity. You were never more than three people away from the stage. The show started two hours late and after standing outside in stilettos waiting to get in the venue, I was not in the mood. I was standing dead center in front of the stage, being seriously pissed, when Prince stopped right in front of me and asked “What’s wrong with you?” I replied “I’m not feeling you.” He blinked, kind of taken aback and the moved on. Five minutes later, two moving mountains, posing as his body guards, parted the crowd and made a bee line towards me. I thought, “Oh, I’m about to be thrown out this piece.” They said to me “We hear you’re not feeling the Artist?” I said “Nope.” They asked me to open my hand. They placed four gold engraved guitars picks in my palm. “Feeling better?” Oh, yeah. Five minutes later, I see what can only be the tour manager pointing my direction, standing with a crowd of crew. He walks out, laughing, asking “We hear you’re not feeling the Artist? Here are passes to the afterparty.” We went to the party and stayed till dawn. I didn’t get to talk to him but he did acknowledge me. The rest of the band kept coming up, saying “Did you really say that to him?” all night.