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Vegoe wrote:

Tomorrow night’s game is going to be the most important qualifier in a while.


And ugh… Weston McKennie…

You can read it all here too: https://grantwahl.substack.com/p/good-reads-landon-donovan-joins-us

Donovan: So I am privy to what happened. I’m not going to announce that publicly. I will just say, I am incredibly disappointed in Weston. Incredibly disappointed. Look, I can understand at Juventus, during a long club season, you’re sitting at home for months and months and months, and you want to have people over. Is it the smartest thing to do? No, but I get it. This is one week of your life with three massive games. Not only for yourself, but for your teammates and for your country to go to a World Cup. And the level of selfishness in that moment is beyond me. Honestly, it’s beyond me. I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes in my life. I get it. I’m not here to be all righteous. But he is young, yes, but he’s old enough to understand that you don’t do this. You don’t need to put yourself in this situation and worse, put your team in that situation.

Would they have won the game if he was on the field yesterday? I don’t know. But their chances went up a lot, I promise, if he was on the field, and their chances of winning or getting a point in Honduras go up a ton on Wednesday if he’s in the lineup. I am just really disappointed with him. It doesn’t mean you write him off and he’s a horrible human being. He needs to learn from this, but this can never, ever, ever happen again.

It is almost beyond repair, and he has a lot of work to do with his teammates to make sure that he never does something like that again. Because you lose trust in your teammate. This is their livelihood. These guys want to go to a World Cup. Christian knows what it feels like to sit on the field in Trinidad, crying, because he didn’t go to a World Cup. And you can’t put your team in that situation. So it’s really disappointing. I hope he has apologized profusely. I hope he is able to make the trip on Wednesday for the game, and he needs to make amends. He really does.

I read that they sent McKennie back to Italy, so he will not even be with the team tomorrow. He must not be a popular person right now… Really disappointing.