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From what I’ve read elsewhere it’s damn near impossible to age out women from the NT due to how they are paid/contracted and unfortunately it’s going to lead to years in which they’re not as talented as they should be if they could replace some of the older players.

Wait, are the women really “contracted” to the USWNT?? I mean I know they get paid obviously, but any sort of contract that is requiring them to be on the team would be news to me.

It certainly doesn’t work that way in men’s international football, as far as I know. Manager just picks the best team from the pool of players and goes with it. Is it not the same for women?

It’s quite complicated and I’m not up on the exact details. But the women’s NT is run quite differently than the men’s. On the one hand they have the argument they’ve been infinitely more successful, working against them is the difference in generated revenues.

From https://time.com/5653250/uswnt-equal-pay-lawsuit/” class=”bbcode_url”>https://time.com/5653250/uswnt-equal-pay-lawsuit/


“Women’s national team players are paid differently because they specifically asked for and negotiated a completely different contract than the men’s national team, despite being offered, and rejecting, a similar pay-to-play agreement during the past negotiations,” the federation said.

According to the statement, the women’s national team’s agreement includes, among other things, guaranteed annual salaries, medical and dental insurance, paid child-care assistance, paid pregnancy and parental leave, severance benefits, multiple bonuses — benefits that U.S. Soccer says are not provided to the men’s national team.

At the end of July, U.S. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro argued that the women’s team has actually been paid more than the men’s team, saying that the federation paid the USWNT $34.1 million in salaries and game bonuses, while the men received $26.4 million. The figures, compiled by U.S. Soccer and based on an analysis by the federation’s staff, did not include the benefits, such as health care and a 401(k), that female players get. (Men are not provided the same benefits, according to the federation). U.S. Soccer’s numbers also included National Women’s Soccer League salaries that U.S. Soccer pays, which were negotiated in the 2017 CBA. (The federation does not pay Major League Soccer salaries).

The women have guaranteed salaries, benefits, etc. and are paid less for performance. The men are paid strictly on performance, and haven’t done all that well recently. Someone looked at it, and I cannot find it right now but I will keep trying – and the Men would earn more with the Women’s “deal”, and the Women would earn more with the Men’s “deal”. Its weird, complicated, and not cut and dry.

EDIT: I see [mention]Steve MN[/mention] referenced the same thing above about each earning more with the other’s arrangement.