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gopherguy13 wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

From what I’ve read elsewhere it’s damn near impossible to age out women from the NT due to how they are paid/contracted and unfortunately it’s going to lead to years in which they’re not as talented as they should be if they could replace some of the older players.

Wait, are the women really “contracted” to the USWNT?? I mean I know they get paid obviously, but any sort of contract that is requiring them to be on the team would be news to me.

It certainly doesn’t work that way in men’s international football, as far as I know. Manager just picks the best team from the pool of players and goes with it. Is it not the same for women?

It’s not 100% clear what the details are, but the timing of this is coincidental:



The men’s team argued that, contrary to the judge’s ruling, the women had been “pressured” to accept “an unfair and unequal” collective bargaining agreement.

When the women’s agreement was negotiated, the brief claims, the men were “stunned” that US Soccer had not agreed to offer them equal pay, refusing to even meet the terms of the contract the men had negotiated six years earlier.

Uses the phrase “collective bargaining agreement”.